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  • The use of alcohol/drugs (controlled substances) or tobacco in any form is prohibited and use or possession may result in discipline action by Odyssey administration, Athletic Director, Head Coach, and leading up to removal from team.
  • If you quit a team - or removed for academic reasons, you are not eligible for awards and may not participate in another sport until the last team competition of the sport you quit has been completed. If you withdraw from a sport: you must do so before region competition begins. You must talk with your coach; return all equipment and uniforms with in one week of withdrawal. If all of these steps are not completed prior to region play you will be considered to have quit.
  • Punctual, regular attendance at practices and contests is required. You must obtain permission from the coach if you are going to miss any of the above.  Being late, missing practices and/or contests may result in limited or no playing time in following contest and/or being disqualified from the team.
  • School uniforms are to be worn by team members only and at team sanctioned activities only.
  • Opponents and officials will be treated courteously.
  • Conduct on and off campus shall be of a nature to bring credit to my self, my family, the team and the school. Administrative suspensions from sports activities can occur for inappropriate behavior.
  • Eligibility rules of the school, and the Arizona Interscholastic Association (AIA) shall be followed.
  • It is the coach’s prerogative to rule on violations of general rules and specific team rules. 
  • Athletes not returning uniforms/equipment will be charged immediately at the end of the season and all bills will be due immediately. Athletes will not be allowed to try out for another team until he/she is cleared from a previous team.
  • Athletes must use District approved transportation to contests. Athlete must notify coach if riding home with parent. Parent must be present when asking permission from coach.
  • Parents should encourage their athlete academically. The Scholar/athlete should strive to perform higher than at the 2.0 grade point average required to compete.
  • Comply with the school rules, guidelines, and expectations stated in the Odyssey Institute Handbook.