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The mission of The Odyssey Institute High School Athletic Department is to provide scholar-athletes with an opportunity to compete successfully in a high school athletic program that is an integral part of their educational experience. The experience will provide a personalized learning environment with equitable participation opportunities for scholar-athletes to develop their leadership potential. Win or lose, the Odyssey Athletic Department will encourage scholar-athletes to provide a winning effort, exhibit sportsmanship, and demonstrate respect for all.


The athletic department is committed to student athlete academics, athletics and our Minotaur community. And specifically...

  1. To providing the opportunity for student-athletes to seek and achieve their academic, athletic and personal potential.
  2. To developing the values of leadership, teamwork, discipline, sportsmanship, and integrity.
  3. To fostering school unity, school spirit, and pride in our school, in our community and our athletic teams.
  4. To encouraging scholar-athletes to participate in multiple sports.
  5. To helping athletic programs compete at the highest levels.
  6. To supporting the Sports Medicine program, Band, Spiritline program, and other related athletic groups.
  7. To promoting our athletic department, student-athletes, athletic teams, and school locally, statewide and nationally.
  8. To increasing funding, grants, sponsorships, and donations to improve and provide quality facilities, coaches, and equipment for all sports.
  9. To complying with the rules and policies of all the AIA and The Odyssey Institute High School.
  10. To supporting efforts to help student-athletes be happy and healthy people.