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Athletic Letters/Chevrons

The Odyssey Institute High School values scholar achievement. Scholar-athletes have the opportunity to be recognized for outstanding effort, positive contributions, and exemplary accomplishments by earning a varsity athletic letter.  

Odyssey reserves the right for head coaches to determine specific lettering policies for their sport.  Coaches will develop and communicate baseline expectations that may incorporate, but are not limited to, the following components; participation, achievement, behavior, academics, and citizenship/community service. Coaches will communicate standards to participants.   Scholars are typically notified of their lettering status at an end of the awards ceremony. 

Athletic programs can award varsity letters if they are sanctioned and recognized competitions by the AIA.

All-Conference Awards

Scholar-athletes may be recognized as "All Region" by the AIA.   Each sport has all-region criteria unique to their activity.   The collective group of sport head coaches, in collaboration with an Athletic Director representative from the AIA, determine the specific qualifications for their sport.

Criteria may include things like conference rank (e.g. the "top X runners in the region race"), coaches vote (e.g. head coaches vote for players not on their own team), or a total based on team victories in the region.  In select sports, there may also be "Regional Player of the Year" awards specific to that activity.  

Section/State Awards

Select sports award "all-section" and/or "all-state" recognition to individual scholar-athletes.  Those sports typically have a process that is determined by the state coaches for that sport.  Criteria may include specific accomplishments (e.g. placing at a certain rank in competition) or coaches nomination/vote.

Team-Specific Recognition

Odyssey head coaches may award team specific awards that recognize things like effort, attitude, improvement, teamwork, or statistical accomplishment.   Criteria for this recognition is determined by the varsity coaching staff for that sport.  Awards are typically given at an end of season awards ceremony.

Statistical Milestones

Individual and team statistical records are maintained by the varsity coaching staff for each sport.   Scholar-athletes may earn recognition based on sport-specific milestones (e.g. 1,000 point scorer in basketball, most career pins in wrestling).   Athletes earning such distinction will be recognized by their coaches and sport, at an end of season awards ceremony.

National Letter of Intent

Odyssey will recognize scholar-athletes who meet the following criteria: (1) have earned a confirmed financial aid agreement for athletics and are therefore eligible to sign a National Letter of Intent, (2) are enrolled as an Odyssey scholar and are making adequate progress toward graduation at Odyssey, (3) are a current Odyssey participant in the sport that they will be receiving collegiate aid for.

Odyssey will host a "signing day" event for those select scholar-athletes who have qualified to sign a National Letter of Intent (NLI). NLI's are specifically awarded by Division I and Division II NCAA and NAIA member schools, with the designated scholarship aid based on the scholar's commitment to an athletic team at their institution.   NCAA Division III schools do not award athletic financial aid and therefore do not have an NLI process.    

NCAA national signing periods are typically in November, February, and April in each school year.  NAIA schools do not have defined signing periods. Odyssey will recognize scholars who qualify for either NCAA or NAIA athletic scholarships according to the signing period calendar set by the NCAA.

Wall of Champions, Wall of Honor

The Odyssey "Wall of Champions" will be created this year (location TBA).  Teams and individuals who have claimed AIA state championships will be recognized with a framed 16x20 photograph and caption.

The Odyssey "Wall of Honor" will be created this year (location TBA). Individuals are recognized with a framed 8x10 photo and caption for the following accomplishments; high school all-state, collegiate All-American, professional athlete, and Olympian.    

Individuals qualify for all-state recognition for any year that they compete as an Odyssey scholar-athlete in that sport, and are named all-state by either the AIA or final place in their state meet/tournament. Individuals qualify for All-American, professional athlete, and Olympian if they are graduates of Odyssey High School, who competed in that sport at Odyssey through the duration of their high school career.