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To Chloe


You were here for a moment,

A flash of gleaming, brilliant light,
And then, just like that,
in the blink of an eye, you were gone.

You were like a warm ray of sunshine,
A field of bright flowers against the hillside.
Your face always wore a smile of friendship,of acceptance. 
You knew who you were, and what you were passionate about.
And while you weren’t without your share of troubles and anxieties,
You owned them, and you didn’t let them hold you back
from wild adventures on a mountain bike, or the pursuit of victory on the soccer field.
Your life was cut unfairly short.
We may never understand the why in this place
On this side of eternity

But we all are better for knowing you.

You taught us how to stand up for others and ourselves,
And the things we believe to be right.
In your mere sixteen years
You served a purpose that was uniquely yours.
No one else could have fulfilled it.
No one else was so perfectly designed and equipped.


You have left your gifts and memories here with us
And moved on to a far, far better place.
While we grieve your passing,
We know you are, in many ways, still here with us.
You have just turned a corner to a new adventure—

One that is more amazing and beautiful than we can ever imagine.

We still feel the sun against our cheek
We watch the butterflies venture joyfully from one bright flower to another
And we smile as we think of you…a smile of friendship and acceptance

To a weary world.

Your moment, while brief, was bright.
It was yours. 

You made a difference.

Love is the revelation of your success. 
And as all of us will learn when our own moment comes,
This is the only measure that will ever truly matter.


Hope is what you leave behind.

It is the knowing that although there is sadness,
Although there are questions and tears,
Although there is anger and pain,
This is not the end.
It is merely a passing.
You leave behind a legacy that demands our gratitude, grace,
and forgiveness…
Not our bitterness.


So journey on, dear Chloe,
And never lose heart.

Your time was golden.

You mattered.
You were fiercely loved.
You are an
eternal treasure.

The faith, hope and love that brought you here

Has surely seen you home.

Nothing made Chloe happier than donning her school colors. She was proud to be a Minotaur. We dream, we lead, we achieve because we are Minotaurs.